Steps using Mortgate Calculator

Insert your loan amount
- Remember that for best estimation purposes, the loan amount should be equivalent to 90% of the desired property value.
Choose a loan term
- With a maximum of 35 years.
Choose a bank
- Choose a bank you are familiar with, or the bank that offers you the best rates.
Calculation happens automatically
- It is that simple!
If you would like to know more, send us your "inquiry"and we will aid you with the rest.


Update: Base Lending Rate (BLR) now updated to Base Rate (BR)
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Mortgage Calculator
RMper year
RMper year

Bank interest rate below only for reference purposes.Check with your bank for latest updated rate

Maybank – 4.55%
Affin – 4.65%
UOB – 4.55%
CIMB – 4.65%
RHB – 4.65%